Braxis Ski


Navy Lv0
During my limited time with the navy, I ruffled some feathers with Vitris Arskij, 32 year old crewman, my rival in the naval academy. Vitris crashed our ship, crushing the crew quarters, killing all but me, him, and one other crewmember.. He always was a subpar pilot…however, he blamed me for the crash, citing engine failure. Bah, the engines were in excellent condition. Since it was my word against his and even though his father is an admiral, we were both given the boot. Needless to say, we are not fond of each other. Vitirs is now my enemy.

Merchant Free Trader Lv2
In charge of inventory. Accused by a company of fudging numbers in order to take some cargo and sell it to contacts on Vland. Cap’n stood up for me and got the company to back off. However, gossip got out that I was stealing.

Romantic relationship – Zamia Tyong Go-Peng 26 yo, red hair, blue eyes, tall, athletic, 1 term marine, 1 term striker, met in tavern, complaining about navy, she shared she was in marine striker platoon.

Our latest job has me and the crew headed to Sacnoth carrying unknown cargo to some military base. I’m just glad Zamia was able to join us this time. I have a bad feeling about this.

Braxis Ski

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